Reverse Selling or Sarick Effect

Have you ever heard about Sarick effect? Sarick effect is one of psychology mindset that be popular by Adam Grant in his book Original. What is Sarick effect? Why we should use it? and When the best time we should use it? you can find the book here Sarick effect use a reverse psychology … Continue reading Reverse Selling or Sarick Effect

Is It Wise to Spend Your Money on Self Reward?

Some people will think that self reward is something that we should get to ourselves, the others will think that self reward is just waste a money that you earn. So which one is better? Self reward is the way you reward yourself for what you achieve in your life, it can because you win … Continue reading Is It Wise to Spend Your Money on Self Reward?

What Make Someone Moving?

Yesterday we see a tragedy event where ex president Trump’s supporters strom the U.S Capitol. In this chaotic scenes four people dead in this incident. Why so much people willing to participate in this scene? Is it because all of them is support the ex president? To answer that question we have to know about … Continue reading What Make Someone Moving?