Why Poor People Will Always Poor

Poor people is the hardest kind of people to develop. They are too conservative and do not want to change. They just thinking that money is hard to get and root of evil. The problem is in their mindset. If you give them free, they think you have intention to them. If you ask them … Continue reading Why Poor People Will Always Poor

How to Live Happily Every Sigle Day

When you wake up from your bed, you start your day with hope that happy things will come to you today. Unfortunately sometimes it is not happen as you want. Your job suck your day and your boss give you ton of workload, even when you are going home, public transportation look like a warfare. … Continue reading How to Live Happily Every Sigle Day

Warning! Never Think Like This!

There is a lot of people still think that “ love of money is the root of evil”. The truth is “ Greed is root of evil” the problem in this case is people greed make them evil, money is just tool. Unfortunately human always good at blame something. They are more accepting if you … Continue reading Warning! Never Think Like This!