What Make Someone Moving?

Yesterday we see a tragedy event where ex president Trump’s supporters strom the U.S Capitol. In this chaotic scenes four people dead in this incident. Why so much people willing to participate in this scene? Is it because all of them is support the ex president? To answer that question we have to know about … Continue reading What Make Someone Moving?

What Business Should I Start?

One day my friend ask me to meet up, so we decide to meet up at coffee shop near my office. I walk there and i see my friend already wait me inside. We have a little chat about our activity right now, and he start tell me something. "hey bro, i want to start … Continue reading What Business Should I Start?

Art of Sell : Update to your customer

Online shopping is not a big news right now, everyone love to buy from online because it is easy, and sometimes can be cheaper than brick and mortar. It make a great chance for a new seller to join in this business, they also can become dropshipper. Dropshipper is one of hot business chance right … Continue reading Art of Sell : Update to your customer

Art of Sell : No one genius is Sales

Small product with red color with very catchy jingle sold 1,8 billion every day. We see this product in every department store, I am sure you know what product I am talking about? Yes, it is coca cola. I am sure we have drink it before, I describe the taste have a rich sweet flavor … Continue reading Art of Sell : No one genius is Sales