Control It, or You Will Poor

Believe it or not, about 70 percent of our daily activity is be doing by our habit. Habit is routine of behaviour that we do repeatedly and tends to occur subconsciously. When we wake up in the morning, we do our morning routine like going to bathroom to brush our teeth or go to kitchen … Continue reading Control It, or You Will Poor

What Is Your Circle?

In my country, there is poem “fruit is not fall far from the tree”. It is mean that a children will not much different from their parents. Is it mean that kid can be judge directly from their parents? I will write about it in this blog. As a scientist say every creature have two … Continue reading What Is Your Circle?

Why Poor People Will Always Poor

Poor people is the hardest kind of people to develop. They are too conservative and do not want to change. They just thinking that money is hard to get and root of evil. The problem is in their mindset. If you give them free, they think you have intention to them. If you ask them … Continue reading Why Poor People Will Always Poor