Crab Mentality

One day i am going to buy fish in sea market near beach. I like to buy seafood there because the seafood is still fresh and alive. Suddenly i see someone sell crab near me. He ask me to buy crab from him, he say his crab is really good and he show me a … Continue reading Crab Mentality

Give Your Baby Loves not Money

As a Parents we hope that we can give the best for our baby. They are happiness in our life, they give a colour in family. Unfortunately sometimes we give them much more than they needs. Baby spending in one of the biggest spend in family financial. In Singapore, parents need to spend about $ … Continue reading Give Your Baby Loves not Money

Better Late than Sorry

In my previous blog, i describe you can fail many times as long as you are not give up, you are not fail. Start your business as soon as you can it good things. Unfortunately there is one things that you should never rush in making a decision. It is marriage! For marriage, it is … Continue reading Better Late than Sorry

Nana Korobi Ya Oki

“Nana Korobi ya Oki” is one of japanese poem, it mean if you fell down seven times, you wake up eight times. Even it was easy to say, the effort in this quote is powerful. Japan is one of great country that show you to never give up. When they lose in world war II, … Continue reading Nana Korobi Ya Oki